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What is faith?

Imagine being sick in bed for a very long time. You’ve tried your best to figure out why you aren’t well but you still can’t get better.

Suddenly someone bursts into your home and says they can cure you…what would you do?

I would hope that you wouldn’t accept their cure – at least right away. Probably after checking how they got into the room in the first place, you’d want to know what their credentials are. For example is it your family doctor or your family gardener? Do they have good reasons for you to trust their advice?

It’s the same thing with faith in God isn’t it? We shouldn’t just believe in a god because someone tells us to. We should believe because we have good reasons to.

That’s why we’re bringing Greg Koukl here to Calgary. We hope people will talk about what it means to have faith, and in doing so, understand what they actually believe.

Here is a brief video of Greg taking on this topic:

  • Great first post! We trust people who have knowledge. The more we divorce Christianity from good, testable, public knowledge, the less people will be interested in re-prioritizing their lives to take this vertical relationship with God into account.

  • Great to see the blog up and running. Looking forward to generating some discussion on this board.