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Lee Strobel’s Question

Lee: If you could ask an atheist just one (or two) questions, what would you ask?

Me: I would pose an ancient question, one that trades on the cosmological argument: “Why is something here rather than nothing here? Clearly, the physical universe is not eternal (Second law of thermodynamics, Big Bang cosmology). Either everything came from something outside the material universe, or everything came from nothing (Law of Excluded Middle). Which of those two is the most reasonable alternative? As an atheist, you seem to have opted for the latter. Why?”

(From STR blog dated July 22nd, 2009)

  • I love that question. Either atheists stick to a naturalistic worldview where out of nothing everything appears or they capitulate that something immaterial, omniscient, omnipresent and intelligent made everything – but the maker isn’t God.

    In either case, it would take a lot of blind faith!

  • Sometimes all it takes is asking a simple question of people to get them to actually take the time to think about what they actually believe. The good old “Columbo” question, “how did you come to that conclusion?”, can really be an eye/mind opener for many people who in general have never really given these types of things much thought. We are doing them a big favour by prompting them to think about what their worldview actually is, and whether it actually makes sense. Sometimes we don’t have to have all the answers ourselves, just a few questions.