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The Problem of Evil, Part 2

In my previous post I showed how evil in the world cannot be used as a proof against God’s existence. However, this still leaves an important question outstanding: even if God didn’t create evil, why does he allow it?

This is an especially pertinent question since the Bible teaches that in the future God will establish a society (the new heavens & new earth) where there is no evil … and by implication populated by men and women who cannot or, perhaps, will not choose anything but good.

So why then have we been given this moral freedom now … what purpose can it serve?

In the article Augustine on Evil I had previously linked to, the following solution is proposed:

“A world that had never been touched by evil would be a good place, but it wouldn’t be the best place possible. The best of all worlds would be a place where evil facilitated the development of virtues that are only able to exist where evil flourishes for a time. This would produce a world populated by souls that were refined by overcoming evil with good. The evil is momentary. The good that results is eternal.”

Sacrifice … heroism … perseverance … compassion … justice … mercy … sympathy …

These, and more, are virtues which are only developed and exercised when facing bad situations. In a world, like the one promised, where only goodness exists there could be no concept of these traits; they simply cannot exist if everything is perfectly good.

So now, for a time, we do face evil so that we may become a people with a moral maturity that simply cannot be attained any other way. As the article puts it:

“It appears that a deeper, more profound good results when virtue is won by free, moral souls struggling with evil, rather than simply granted to them as an element of their constitution.”