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What, God? You’re not an egalitarian?

“No, sorry, I guess I’m not.”

“But that’s not…fair!

“Well, sorry to disappoint. If by fair (or, to use your own fancy philosophical lingo, egalitarian) that everybody will just be saved and automatically ushered into heaven as long as they’re sincere in their beliefs, then, no it wouldn’t be right to call me fair—at least not from your point of view. On the other hand, you could say that I am egalitarian in terms of my mercy, in that, even though I owe your entire race one thing—hell—I have chosen to withhold to such judgment in order that everyone might have the chance to accept by faith the work my Son did for them on the cross 2,000 years ago.”

“But why only through Jesus? How can there only be one way to heaven? What about all those other people who do all sorts of good deeds and are sincere in following their own beliefs that don’t line up with the Bible? How can you not let them into heaven too, just because they chose a different path?”

“Sorry to disappoint again, but, not only am I not ‘fair’, I’m also not a post-modernist. But that’s not the main issue. Again, you’re accusing me of not being ‘fair’ since I’m not letting those who sincerely follow Mohammad, Buddha, Eckhart Tolle or Tom Cruise into heaven along with those who follow Christ. Well, for starters, I am being fair to them in that I give them all equal opportunity throughout their entire lives to come to me and accept my plan of salvation. Call it equal opportunity salvation. Second, sincerity is only good if it is part of a threefold cord along with truth and repentance. Sincerely believing in Santa or the Easter bunny doesn’t make it true that they exist. And repentance is needed because the problem of sin goes much deeper than mere outward deeds. A change of heart (nature) is what I’m after and repentance—giving that old nature over to me in exchange for a new one—is the first step in that process.”

Greg Koukl will be addressing these and other issues when he comes to Calgary Oct. 23-25th. For more on ‘fairness’ visit the link provided above. This post is to be continued…

Here is a brief video of Greg taking on this topic: