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Good reasons … but so much more

In the article Christianity as the Best Explanation, Melinda Penner from Stand to Reason states:

Christianity can be seen as an explanatory hypothesis to account for certain phenomena we observe in the world: the origin of the universe, the design of the universe, and the universality of morality. The explanations that Christianity provides to this empirical data provide a cumulative case for the rationality of Christianity, and in fact, the superiority of Christianity to other belief systems.

As that article summarizes, Christianity really does provide deeply satisfying explanations for the observable world around us. Reaching beyond science, it provides the reasons behind the observations we make; it gives us logical reasons for why what we observe is the way it is.

However, what makes this world view complete is that it goes so much deeper than simply providing us with good explanations for the forces we see at work. It goes beyond saying there is a designer, an all-powerful creator of all we see; if that was all that was offered, quite frankly, I would be spending my time on other things.

What makes this world view so compelling and beautiful is that we were made with the full knowledge that we couldn’t live up to God’s standard of goodness; that we would rebel and commit innumerable crimes that would make us fully deserving of a just God’s eternal punishment.

But rather than allowing us to walk ourselves down that road to Hell, Jesus stepped into history to substitute himself for us, those who would believe. He took our punishment, the punishment we rightly deserved, so that we could be forgiven – saved from the eternal consequences of our sin.

At its core, it is this unthinkable act of sacrifice motivated by holy love that makes Christianity so much more than a good rational explanation of the world we see, though it certainly is that.