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Our intolerance?

The first of the talks in our 2009 Faith Beyond Belief series is set to start Friday morning at Mount Royal University. Unfortunately, advertising this event has proved a little more challenging than originally thought.

Posters advertising the talk were posted at MRU which read like this:

Is it Intolerant to say Jesus is the Only Way?

Canadians live in a pluralistic society, where we value tolerance and respect for everyone, regardless of their background, creed or religions. But different religious traditions teach that their beliefs are the only true beliefs. Many of these faiths in fact, teach that their religious doctrines are the best ones to live by.

Greg Koukl, a Christian professor and writer, will welcome your questions and comments as he shares why he thinks it is impossible to believe that all religious ideas are basically the same or that they are equal.

As a Christian, he’ll ask and provide his answer to the question, “Is it intolerant to say that Jesus is the only way?”

Please come and join the discussion.

Complaints over this poster have been lodged and the University’s equity/human rights officer is looking into it … however, with the event date quickly approaching, we fear time will run out before anything really happens on that front. The complaint is the posters are intolerant … I guess this is a good example of when tolerance is intolerant.

That said, perhaps it’s a moot point anyway; all of our current posters have mysteriously disappeared. It’s unclear if there is any relation between the complaints and the removal of the posters.

To complicate things further there have now also been complaints about the flash card handouts that we’ve been distributing. They ask the question “Is religion like chocolate or vanilla?”; in other words it is asking if religion is simply a preference, or something more?

However, apparently there are those who perceive “racial overtones” in the analogy. How they they’d get that message though, I have have no idea.

Having said all that, however things go in these final days leading up to the talk I simply hope and pray that the word will still get out about this event, and that we will have a good turnout of students and staff who will be challenged and strengthened by the message being presented.

Greg’s talk, “Is it Intolerant to say Jesus is the Only Way?”, will be presented at MRU in the Jenkins Theatre on October 23rd from 9 to 11 AM.

For a complete listing of the Faith Beyond Belief events that are coming up, visit: www.faithbeyondbelief.ca/schedule.html

  • Is it intolerant to insist that mushrooms are good to eat and toadstools are not? Does it demean the toadstool farmer to point out that his product is toxic? Is it narrow and mean-spirited? Does it infringe upon his equality rights?

  • I think its intolerant to suggest that anything is intolerant except for those things like Christianity that we know are intolerant and therefor should not be tolerated.