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Should’ve said metropolitan

Yes. It’s true. The posters advertising Greg’s talk at Mount Royal university have been taken down on several charges: they are said to promote both racism and divisiveness. For the sake of correction, the posters that were actually displayed said this:

Title: Is it Intolerant to say that Jesus is the Only Way?

Body: Is choosing a religion merely a matter of preference, like chocolate vs. vanilla? Or is it about something much more serious?

Of course, there was more to the text than that, but, since it was these lines that caused all the fuss, I won’t bore you with the insignificant details.

The charge of divisiveness comes from the title, and the racism can be found in the phrase “chocolate vs. vanilla.” As the one responsible for coordinating the talk, I decided the original text as posted below was too long, and being a former MRU student myself, knew that no student there would spend more than five seconds tops reading on his or her way to the next class. The originals contained the same title but not the phrase “chocolate vs. vanilla.” maybe the word “vs.” is what caused all the ruckus. After all, I thought the those were pretty generic flavors of ice cream. I could’ve said “butter pecan vs. maple walnut” or any number of other options.

But then I realized the most politically correct flavor I could’ve picked would have been metropolitan, which is chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all rolled into one. Specially designed for those who can’t make up their mind, metropolitan is a sort of unitarian universalist solution to picking an ice cream flavor. We could even make an ultimate version, and combine every flavor of ice cream under the sun.

Now, instead of using ice cream flavors to represent the races, let’s use them instead to represent various world religions. On their own, no one flavor is better than another. But what if all of them except one contained cyanide? Finding the flavor that has no cyanide would no longer be a matter of preference or choice. It would now be a matter of life and death. So it is with God.

  • Thanks for the corrections & clarifications!