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It’s done … for now

Well, the series of talks scheduled for this weekend have now wrapped up and Greg is on his way home (or is there already). From all initial reports, this weekend has been a great success and, we hope, will be the catalyst for more to come in Calgary.

Even though the events are now over, please stay tuned to this blog. We plan on talking more about some of the events, more about some of the key concepts and teachings, and, importantly, we will also be letting you know more about what we are planning for the future as that becomes more solidified in the days to come.

For now, I’ll simply say that this was a great experience. This wasn’t the working of just one church or denomination, but it was a truly ecumenical group of individuals and churches that came together to make this happen.

It was a small example of what should be in the church; and for that I am glad.

Thank you to all involved and all those who came out and supported us.

  • Just wondering where (and when) we will see the results of the survery that was done after the debate. I am very curious to see what impact it had on people attending the debate. Did it change their view? Especially amongst non-Christians. What was the impression non-Christians had of the debate?

  • While I know we are planning on publishing the results of the survey, I can’t tell you exactly when that will be done.

    This is definately one of our post-conference tasks, but one that will take a bit of work.

    I intend on posting to this blog when the results are available so just keep checking back and hopefully we won’t take too long!

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Will

    I would like to thank the good people at Faith Beyond Belief for all the organisation and work involved in bringing Greg to Calgary this past weekend. Greg is an excellent speaker and Stand to Reason provides terrific service and resource for Christians wanting to develop their communication skills.
    I look forward to seeing the Faith Beyond Belief ministry thrive.
    Thanks again, Will