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Why Christianity?

Assuming one comes to hold that there is indeed a god or some form of higher power, why should they consider the claims of Christianity?

Sure it may have lots of followers, but what sets it apart from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam or any of the other world religions? Why not start their spiritual exploration at any one of these other systems?

There is one very practical reason to start with Christianity:

It is testable.

There is one central historical event which either proves or disproves Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus.

If he did rise from the dead, that validates his teaching that he is God and that he is the key to eternal salvation and reconciliation with God. It means this is the truth.

If he didn’t, then Christianity is empty and worthless.

This is an objective truth claim which is subject to evidential examination.

The central set of evidence for the historical reality of the resurrection exists in the Bible; it contains several books which claim to present credible eyewitness testimony to this event.

But, are these books true?

How do they stand up to the tests used to determine if historical writings contain actual events as opposed to fanciful tales?

And what about conflicting accounts, like the other gospels people talk about?

These are all questions we hope to help answer with our upcoming series of talks in Calgary featuring Dr. Craig Evans. Our speaker is a highly respected and qualified academic in this field.

We are just over one month away from the talks; block off the dates in your calendar now!