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Our 2010 event wraps up …

Our main 2010 event featuring Dr. Craig A. Evans wrapped this past Sunday.

Looking back, I think all of our talks went well and were well received by all who attended.

Without question, the quality of the talks Dr. Evans gave were of the highest calibre; we were truly blessed to have a speaker with his knowledge and expertise. I learned a lot this weekend and am certain I was not alone.

We were also extremely honoured that so many of you chose to support our work; this is very encouraging and is hopefully a good indicator that we are not alone in seeing that what we are trying to do is needed in our city.

That said, we recognize that as a group we still have much to learn in the areas of planning, promoting and executing events. If you attend one, or all, of our talks and have any feedback please let us know, either here, on our facebook page, or using one of our other contact methods.

As a final note, we do plan on making the audio for the talks available soon; we will also be compiling the results of our survey from the UofC talk and posting them here. Stay tuned!