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The importance of truth

Unlike Adam Savage’s quotable saying, we can’t simply reject reality and substitute our own. Truth is what is real regardless of whether we like it, agree with it, or even understand it; it simply is.

If I don’t believe gravity is true and I jump out of an airplane at a height of 4,000 metres without a parachute I will quickly find out my belief is irrelevant.

Truth is important; understanding what is true guides our actions because to do otherwise would be asking for trouble. Like the parachute situation, knowing the truth helps us determine appropriate actions.

Now, most people don’t have any problem with the idea that truth is important with regards to physical and material things. It’s when we transition to the spiritual or immaterial things that people have a sudden change of heart. For many a mental-shift occurs and truth is no longer something which is important and, if it exists, it has no bearing on the decisions one must make in life.

If they are walking on a railroad track and they are warned that a train is barrelling down on their position, they will take that warning to heart and move to safety. But if they are told that a man who claimed to be God (and backed up his words) said most of us are on a path leading to destruction (Mat 7:13), the same person will often ignore or laugh off such a warning.

But is it this a correct way of thinking? We’d argue it’s not; truth exists whether we are talking about the material or immaterial and in both cases it has a very real bearing on the way we live.

Do you want to explore the nature and implications of truth?

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