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How To Book Us

How to Book a Faith Beyond Belief Speaker

If you are interested in booking a Faith Beyond Belief speaker, please call 403-689-5890 or email info@faithbeyondbelief.ca.

Faith Beyond Belief (FBB) speakers cover a variety of different topics suitable for school chapel sessions, Sunday services, youth camps, conferences, adult Sunday school classes, and even secular presentations on campus. We are open to special topic requests.  You can book us for a one-time event, a weekend, or for an extended series of talks (for example, weekly sessions in a school chapel).

Costs for presentations vary depending on length, but day rates are available, and FBB speakers can speak multiple times per day for one price. Please contact us for further pricing details.

FBB also offers the Worldview Course, which consists of twelve sessions. Each session can be tailored for length, between forty-five minutes to an hour and a half, including Q and A. Booklets are provided for participants. The Worldview Course is usually taught one session per week, but can also be taught over several weekends.

For any questions, please call 403-689-5890 or email us at info@faithbeyondbelief.ca