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Staff and Volunteers


Jojo Ruba – Executive Director


Jojo equips Christians to be effective ambassadors for Christ for everyday conversations. He has spoken at venues that include Sunday morning services, secular debates on universities and morning chapels at Christian schools.

Jojo focuses on practical ways to defend the faith. He teaches Christians how to explain their worldview using tools that non-Christians can understand. For example, he helps audiences think of the right questions to ask non-believers not just the right answers they ought to give.

Jojo earned a Bachelor of Journalism and a Masters in Political Science from Carleton University in Ottawa. He is executive director of Faith Beyond Belief, based in Calgary, AB, Canada.

Gordon Hawkes – Speaker


Gordon believes that every follower of Christ should be ready to give reasons for what they believe. But he learned early on that having all the right answers isn’t enough. He discovered a winsome and attractive approach to explaining his faith, namely, asking good questions, and this approach made his engagement with peers less like confrontation and more like conversation. It gave him the confidence to have productive conversations, even with those who were hostile to the Christian worldview.

Gordon’s wants others to have this confidence in everyday conversation, and to learn the many good reasons we have to trust in the claims of Jesus Christ.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in philosophy, from the University of British Columbia, and is currently working on his master’s degree in philosophy at the University of Calgary.

Karen Woelke – Administrative Assistant/Graphic Designer


Karen works as the administrative assistant and graphic designer for Faith Beyond Belief. She had her first encounter with Christian apologetics when she took Faith Beyond Belief’s Worldview Course three years ago. Apologetics was pivotal to helping her understand and fully accept Christ. Now she is passionate about helping others get over intellectual barriers and to understand their faith. Karen loves playing board games, painting, reading books, graphic novels, and hiking.

Volunteer Speakers and Bloggers

Nick Bertsch


Nic Bertsch is a husband and father of two who runs a blog geared towards helping people understand the Christian worldview. He is also pursuing a Certificate in Apologetics from Biola University. Although he considers himself a generalist, he has focused much of his study on non-controversial issues such as relativism, Islam, and homosexuality.

Ian Fraser


Ian Fraser was born and raised in the Mormon religion and became a Christian at the age of twenty-two. He is knowledgeable in systematic theology, comparative religions, authority of the Bible, Church history, Mormonism, inner healing of the soul, gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit in today’s world.

Greg Fudger


After I decided to give my life to Jesus as a teenager, I was so excited to share this with my friends that I could barely contain my enthusiasm. But I ran into challenging questions: “How do you know the bible is true?” “How do you know God is real?” My only answer was “You’ve just gotta have faith!” Eventually, I fully embraced an apathetic agnosticism. It wasn’t until my brother introduced me to some material from Stand to Reason and RZIM that I discovered there were solid arguments for the truth claims of the Christian worldview. Since then, I’ve learned to navigate conversations with less conflict and frustration, and my goal is to help others obtain these skills—skills that strengthen our own foundation and help us reach out to a world in need of the Grace of God.

Greg Fudger is married to Yevette, and they have five children. He has a geeky love of science fiction.

Ron Galloway Faith Beyond Belief Blogger

Ron Galloway


Dr. Ron Galloway was raised in Calgary, Alberta. After studying at Alberta Bible College, he earned a B.A. in Classics and Religious Studies  from the University of Calgary. He also earned an M.A. and M.Div. from Lincoln Christian University. Ron went on to earn a Th.D/Ph.D from the University of South Africa, with a thesis titled “A Study of Perceptions of Evil as They Arise from Epistemologies And Worldviews.” Presently, he is a professor at Grenwich School of Theology in affiliation with Northwest University as a doctoral advisor and promoter. Ron is focused on all matters related to Christ and culture.

FBB Speaker

Jonathan Lutz-Orozco


Jonathan Lutz-Orozco was born and raised in Calgary. In 2013 Jonathan graduated from Rocky Mountain Bible College with a bachelor’s degree in systematic theology. During his studies Jonathan gained insight into philosophy, theology, and the importance of how worldviews inform individuals. Jonathan has gone on to serve in various capacities at his local church and has enjoyed playing on worship teams and volunteering with Faith Beyond Belief. For the last five years, Jonathan has worked for a non-profit organization serving the homeless in the city of Calgary and this experience has given him critical knowledge regarding the struggles of the homeless and those who do not know the love of Christ.

Faith Beyond Belief Blogger

Scott McClare


Scott McClare is the general editor for Faith Beyond Belief. He grew up in northern Ontario, but has called Ottawa home since 1998, where he has worked as a technical writer and an office manager. He has a B.A. in English – Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo. Scott serves in his church as a choir member, audio-visual technician, and adult Sunday-school teacher. His interests include science fiction, systematic theology, Christian ethics, church history, philosophy, music, and cooking.

Ian Murray Faith Beyond Belief Blogger

Ian Murray


Ian has been working in children’s ministry for nearly his entire life, and within the field of apologetics for roughly fifteen years as a hobby. He is currently teaching Sunday school to grades K-6 where he concentrates on training his students to be God-centered and critical thinkers, and preparing them for the world that they are living in, and will live in as older children, teens and adults. Ian received his B.Th. in Bible and Theology from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, located in Newburgh, Indiana.

Justin Wishart Faith Beyond Belief Bloggers

Justin Wishart


Justin Wishart is most interested in issues surrounding Christian philosophy, particularly epistemology and early Christian thought. Justin is a husband and a father. He currently works as a mechanic and enjoys many hobbies such as camping, hiking, and creating music.