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The following are some of the online resources those of us at Faith Beyond Belief have found helpful for answering our questions, for growing deeper in our understanding of the Christian worldview, and for challenging us to think more clearly and carefully.

Apologetics: These are websites we find helpful in answering questions regarding the Christian faith.

  • Answers in Genesis: Answers in Genesis focuses on providing answers to questions about the Bible—particularly the book of Genesis—regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth. (They hold to a young-earth position.)
  • CARM: The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry is especially helpful in understanding cults and other religious movements.
  • Discovery Institute Center for Science and Culture: A leading source for information on intelligent design.
  • Illustra Media: Illustra Media produces video documentaries that examine the scientific case for intelligent design. This site is a storefront.
  • LeeStrobel.com: This site has one of the most comprehensive collections of apologetics videos.
  • Ratio Christi: Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘the reason of Christ’) is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ.
  • Reasonable Faith: The website of William Lane Craig’s apologetics ministry.
  • Reasons to Believe: mission is to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the very latest discoveries—consistently support, rather than erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature.
  • Stand to Reason: Stand to Reason is an apologetics ministry focused on practical ways to share and defend Christianity.

Biblical Studies: These are websites and online tools we find helpful in studying God's word.

  • Desiring God is John Piper’s ministry and the Resource Library secton of this website contains a wealth of quality bilbical exposition.
  • ESV online is a helpful and well designed online Bible which includes the ability to write and save your own notes.
  • StudyLight.org has a wealth of study tools ranging from multiple Bible translations, commentaries, lexicons and more.

Blogs: These are some good, sometimes controversial, but always thought provoking Christian blogs that are updated frequently.

Our friends with the Canadian Apologetics Coalition: To be a member of the Coalition, you must be an Evangelical Christian who regularly blogs on apologetics issues in Canada.


“We are a diverse group of individuals representing multiple denominational backgrounds and life walks.”

British Columbia

“Join me in taking a closer look at some religious and moral claims and concepts. with the keen eye of an honest seeker of truth.”

“Colin and Kelly Madland are convinced by the evidence that the claims of Classical Christianity are true and provide the best basis for understanding and exploring the universe in which we live.”

TilledSoil.org is an organization focused on equipping churches and schools with Christian apologetic training.


“There are two types of evangelism: persuasive evangelism and unpersuasive evangelism. Which would you prefer to do? Apologetics is simply that: persuasive evangelism – and the need for it has never been greater.”

If you are a Christian and you had taken offence to the name, A Crazy Christian, please forgive me; however please allow me to explain.

Better known as the Christian Curmudgeon

The Purpose of this journal is to provide academically sound apologetic resources that will equip Christians to engage critics and to answer the questions of seekers.

This blog features in-depth critical analysis of the key philosophical and theological issues of our day.

  • Steven Richard Martins, Evangelium and Apologia Ministries: eamcanada.org

E&AM is dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ, discipling future leaders, and training the global Church in biblical evangelism.

This site is created for those who follow Christ and those who may be curious about how they can trust this faith.

The purpose of his website is to equip people to think about faith. It features talks, articles and blog posts on questions relating to the existence of God and welcomes dialogue from seekers, skeptics, and believers alike.

The Reformed Pro-Lifer is a website that is intended to educate Reformed individuals on the biblical, Reformed basis of the need for pro-life perspectives in our culture.

Canadians outside of Canada

Tawa’s blog – dedicated to Christian apologetics, the explanation and defence of the Christian faith.