genesis 18:14

The Bible Keeps It’s Promises—Because Nothing is Impossible with God

Because Nothing is Impossible with God

Is anything too hard for the Lord? ~ Genesis 18:14

Remember, Christmas proves the Bible keeps its promises. Thousands of years before Jesus was born, God began choosing men and women to be a part of the Messiah’s blood line. Of course, some of Jesus’ ancestors were more important than others, with Abraham arguably the most important. It was through Abraham that God promised to bless “all the peoples of the earth” (Gen. 12:3). But here is a principle that should never be forgotten. Those greatly blessed of God are usually greatly tested by God. That was certainly true of Abraham. God had promised to make his descendants so numerous they could only be compared to the “dust of the earth” (Gen. 13:16) and the stars in the sky (Gen. 15:5), but Abraham was now approaching 100 years of age, and his wife Sarah was past 90. They had every reason to believe that God had waited too long and that His promises could no longer be fulfilled through them. That’s when God Himself raised the question, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Gen. 18:14) This is similar to the impossibility the virgin Mary faced when Gabriel told her she would give birth to a son. Not surprisingly, the answer her question, “How?”, was surprisingly similar. “Nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).

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