Carisa Yskes - Identity Project Co-ordinator

Carisa is on maternity leave and is taking a break from FBB for now. If you are wanting to connect with us about the Identity Project, you can reach out to Julie Lane who is now coordinating this.

Carisa, who hails from Calgary, is married and expecting her first child this fall. She’s a full-time paramedic and has joined FBB part-time to help run the Identity Project. Carisa helps youth and parents tackle the hard questions when it comes to godly sexuality. Carisa brings 20 years of experience to the table when it comes to working with youth. She was first a camp counsellor and then a youth group leader. Besides her passion for youth, she also brings 5 years of teaching experience and public speaking to the table.

Carisa brings a diverse educational background to the team with a BA of Psychologywith a biology minor and pre-med certificate from Trinity Western University. As well as a diploma from NAIT with honours in Para-medicine.