The generous gifts of our friends and supporters allow us to continue equipping Christians to be effective ambassadors for Christ. 

The Reformation Campaign

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In honour of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, FBB is launching the Reformation 500 Campaign. This campaign is a way for you to connect our ministry with others you know who would benefit from our training. Whether it’s churches or individuals, we want to reach out to others and help bring them the tools to have effective conversations for Christ in everyday circumstances.

The Reformation only grew because ordinary people like us spread its message by word of mouth and by invitation. Faith Beyond Belief can only grow in the same way. We want to pay our current staff but also want to hire new staff who can help us run our office and support our speakers as we have an increasingly busy speaking schedule. 

If you are already donating to FBB, thank you! Your support is invaluable. Would you consider hosting a fundraising event that would connect us with your friends or family who may want to support our work? Please contact us and we can help you setup this event.

If you are not yet a donor, this would be a great time to invest in the lives of the people God brings to us. People like “Jesse”. He recently, e-mailed me to remind me that I spoke at camp he was at a few years ago. He thanked me for the training I gave and then said he was now using those truths to encourage someone else who was struggling with the faith. He was optimistic that this other person would be encouraged to stay strong in the faith all because of the investment we made in his life. Your invaluable support allows us to encourage these kinds of reformations in the lives of others.

Before the end of the year, we need to find new partners who can help support FBB. We need to find:

50 people who can give $10 a month

10 people who can give $50 a month

5 people who can give a $100 month

Lord bless,

Jojo Ruba




You can donate online through the secure donation form below, powered by You can also donate through pre-authorized debit. Download the form here.

If you would like make a donation by mail, please send it to:  

PO Box 95007
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