Glen Moore - Speaker

Glen was born and raised in Calgary and attended the University of Calgary majoring in physics. Glen shares “One of the problems with studying a subject like physics is people tend to comment a lot that you must be very smart. Eventually it began to go to my head. I started to think I must really be all that and a bag of chips.” While studying at UOC Glen landed in the hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. He thought he was so smart and then got a serious illness of the mind. He feels there is a connection? Through struggling with this illness and also because of a fear of hell, he repented and received Christ as his saviour. Glen believes God used mental illness to humble him and once humbled, he was ready to ask for divine help. Now he works for Better Books and Bibles and as a speaker for FBB. Glen says “I’m eager in my new role and excited about the future! I will be giving a Christian perspective on mental illness and related topics.”