It’s hard to start a conversation in this culture. We can talk about sports or the weather (cause it’s often bad!). Yet when it comes to issues that matter, issues such as the meaning of life or whether we are loved, we are often left speechless. Christians are caught in even more of a conundrum. We know we ought to share our faith but Canadians are indoctrinated not to talk publicly about spiritual issues. Worse, many believers wouldn’t know how to have a spiritual conversation even if the opportunities were there.

This month, we want to encourage you to start a conversation that matters. Plant a pebble in others’ shoes so when they walk away from the conversation, they’ll consider the Christian worldview. To help you begin a conversation, we’re providing some important tools:

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On Saturday May 13th, at 1 pm MST, we’ll do our first ever Facebook Live Chat. Bring your questions on how to engage in conversations that matter and we’ll walk you through tips to engage. We’ll do the same Saturday, May 27th at 1 pm MST. Then, we’ll talk about how Christians can engage with issues surrounding gender identity and sexuality.



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Faith Beyond Belief has launched a new podcast, Everyday Conversations with Jojo Ruba. Listen to episodes on the podcast page

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be ready 2017 rECORDINGS

The Be Ready 2017 Conference, featuring Dr. Mike Licona and Walt Heyer, are now available for digital download or purchase at the FBB store

 Recordings are also available at Better Books and Bibles, located at 636 16 Ave NW, Calgary.



This month, as a thank you for any donation of $50 or more, we will give you a free copy of Greg Koukl's Tactics. This book is an essential tool that will help Christians be ready for everyday conversations.


Once you’ve had these conversations, share the conversation on our Facebook page and let us know what you said, how they reacted and how the conversation ended. Feel free to ask others in our group for further advice on how you can do better next time or maybe resources for further conversations. We encourage you this month to have at least one conversation a week where you were able to help others consider biblical truths. You can find this chat group under our Faith Beyond Belief Facebook page.


At Faith Beyond Belief, we realized that Christians can’t change our culture until we learn to talk about faith with the people around us.  If this is the kind of ministry that you know Canadian Christians need, can you please consider supporting us this month during our May fundraising campaign? We need your help to keep equipping effective ambassadors for Christ in everyday conversations. Help us show Canadians that the Christian worldview is not just the best explanation for how the world works, but it is good news for all.