Welcome to the Identity Project

Connect with Julie Lane, the Identity Project Coordinator

We are so happy to have you join with us on this journey of sharing the truth of the Gospel in love. The Identity Project is a project by Faith Beyond Belief. It was created as a Christian response to the needs of Christian youth and churches to grapple with the issues of sexuality and gender. The project consists of creating a discussion group or club that provides a safe space to talk about issues such as sexuality, gender and pornography. The discussions are facilitated by a Christian volunteer selected by the local community, who will approach these conversations from a Christian worldview. We look forward to working with you and your Christian organization to help address these issues with grace and truth. Please contact us to discuss how you can implement the Identity Project in your community.


To Purchase A Membership:
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Membership Benefits

As members of the Identity Project, your school or organization is entitled to:

1. Support for Local Coordinators will Include:

  • At least monthly one-on-one phone calls with the Identity Project Coordinator, to address any questions you or your students may have during the discussions.

  • Monthly communication with ALL coordinators to discuss any common struggles and share achievements.

2. Up-to-date Resources and Research from FBB

  • You will have access to current research, news topics, discussions, videos, websites, etc, to make sure you are prepared to answer difficult questions.

  • You can access the FBB Dropbox folder/website portal with these resources.

3. Community Support from other Coordinators

  • A private coordinator Facebook page where you can share information, discussion questions, FAQ’s etc in real time.

4. Yearly Training

Project members will be able to send their project coordinators to a yearly seminar that will provide the resources to run their project. The seminar will include resources they can use for discussion groups, special speakers and networking opportunities with other like-minded coordinators.