The Future of The Church - Part 1

In this week's Everyday Conversations podcast we hear part one of the discussion between Sean McDowell and Bart Campolo from the 2018 Be Ready Conference.  Sean and Bart are both sons of famous preachers that faced a crisis of faith.  One left and one stayed.  In this conversation, they discuss: Why do people leave the Church?  Why should they stay? and is the Church worth saving?

Should We Submit to the Government?

In this week’s Everyday Conversations Podcast, Nic and Jojo discuss the recent immigration issue in the United States and Jeff Sessions quote of Romans 13 to obey the laws of the government.  As well, they discuss what the Bible has to say about immigration, loving foreigners and submitting to government.

Faith Beyond Belief?

In this week’s Everyday Conversations Podcast, Nic and Jojo respond to some of the e-mails we’ve received from Christians about faith. Some Christians say faith doesn't need evidence while atheists say Christianity has no evidence. In response, Nic and Jojo talk about the need to engage both ideas by defining faith and evidence properly.