2016 Be Ready Conference Recordings - Full Set


2016 Be Ready Conference Recordings - Full Set


1. Mary Jo Sharp: Dealing with the Tolerance of the New Tolerance

2. U of C Debate: Dr. Frank Turek and Prof. Jack MacIntosh

3. Pastor’s Breakfast: Dr. Paul Chamberlain and Jojo Ruba

4. Mary Jo Sharp:
Encountering the Problem of Evil in Every Day Conversations

5. Dr. Paul Copan: Is God a Moral Monster?

6. Dr. Gary Habermas: 12 Facts about the Resurrection Even Skeptics Agree with

7. Mary Jo Sharp:
Conversational Apologetics

8. Dr. Frank Turek:
Stealing from God

9. Dr. Paul Chamberlain:
Is Religion, Including Christianity, Dangerous?

10. Dr. Paul Copan:
Jesus-shaped Cultures

11. Dr. Gary Habermas: Dealing with Emotional Doubt

12. Gordon Hawkes:
Faith and Truth in a Post Modern Generation

13. Dr. Paul Chamberlain: Presenting Jesus in a Pluralistic World

14. Dr. Frank Turek: Part 1 of 2: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

15. Dr. Frank Turek: Part 2 of 2: I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

16. Dr. Ted Fenske:
The Christian Response to Euthanasia Foothills Alliance Church

17. Dr. George Budd: Gender Identity in Light of Eternity

18. Dr. Meyen Hertzsprung: What Does Sex have to do with Apologetics?

19. Muslim Panel Discussion Foothills Alliance Church

20. Dr. James Enns: Forgiveness as Apologetics Foothills Alliance Church

21. Josh Chalmers: Youth Part 1: Talking Elephants and an Undercover King

22. Josh Chalmers: Youth Part 2: Convincing Proofs and Juggling Knives 

22 DVD's. Contains main sessions, breakout sessions, and pre- and post-conference sessions. 

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