Be Ready 2018—All Sessions


Be Ready 2018—All Sessions

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WILL ALSO BE Available as LIVE STREAMING online end of May. Downloadable MP3 Audio Files available through our store.

Please note that you can order your DVD now but it won’t be shipped until end of May, early June 2018.

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Josh and Sean McDowell—Sharing Your Faith with the Next Gen
Josh McDowell—Undaunted (personal testimony)
Scott Klusendorf—The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage
Sean McDowell—Why Any Serious Religious Quest Should Begin with Christianity
Part 1 & 2 Josh McDowell—Bible: Fact or Fiction (Old, New Testaments)
Scott Klusendorf—Five Bad Ways to Argue About Abortion
Scott Klusendorf—What is a Person
Sean McDowell—Atheist Encounter (Youth #1)
Sean McDowell—Homosexuality: Compassion and Clarity (Youth #2)
McKenzie Schwittai—How to Love the Post-Abortive
Jojo Ruba—Becoming Effective Ambassadors for Christ in Everyday Conversations
Marty Moore—Freedom and Faith: Principles and Perspective
Dr Ted Fenske—Keeping Faith in Medicine
Gordon Hawkes—Everyday Conversations About Evolution
Paul Buller—Suffering: The Heart of the Matter
Michael Horner—Two Scientific Discoveries that Point Powerfully to God

Audio Session: Dr Neil Parker, Clinical Psychologist—The Effects of Social Media on the Adolescent Brain Development & Legalizing Marijuana and the Adolescent Brain Development

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