Be Ready 2018—All Sessions—MP3 Download


Be Ready 2018—All Sessions—MP3 Download


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Josh and Sean McDowell—Sharing Your Faith with the Next Generation
Josh McDowell—Resurrection
Scott Klusendorf—The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage
Sean McDowell—Why Any Serious Religious Quest Should Begin with Christianity

Part 1 & 2 Josh McDowell—Bible: Fact or Fiction (Old, New Testaments)
Scott Klusendorf—Five Bad Ways to Argue About Abortion
Scott Klusendorf—What is a Person
Sean McDowell—Atheist Encounter (Youth #1)
Sean McDowell—Homosexuality: Compassion and Clarity (Youth #2)
McKenzie Schwittai—How to Love the Post-Abortive
Jojo Ruba—Becoming Effective Ambassadors for Christ in Everyday Conversations
Marty Moore—Freedom and Faith: Principles and Perspective
Dr Irving Hexham—Engaging People of Different Faiths
Dr Ted Fenske—Keeping Faith in Medicine
Gordon Hawkes—Everyday Conversations About Evolution
Paul Buller—Suffering: The Heart of the Matter
Michael Horner—Two Scientific Discoveries that Point Powerfully to God

Bart Campolo & Sean McDowell
—Why I Left, Why I Stayed Discussion
Josh & Sean McDowell—The New: Evidence That Demands a Verdict Josh McDowell—Undaunted (Personal Testimony)
Josh McDowell—Undaunted (Personal Testimony)