Becoming Effective Ambassadors for Christ in Everyday Conversations

Speaking about faith and truth to a post-modern generation is harder than ever. In this session, we’ll learn the basics of what it means to be Christ’s ambassadors and provide tactics on how we can speak to a culture that is openly hostile to faith.

Does the Right Answer Still Matter?

Before we can answer any question about faith in this culture, we need to explain why the answer matters. That’s because too many believe that when it comes to religious or moral claims, there is no right answer. In this session we’ll explain what it means to know the truth when it comes to religious claims and why it matters to know this truth.


God Keep Our Land: Being Faithful Ambassadors in a Post-Modern Canada

How did the West shift from a culture that believed in God to one openly hostile to religious truths? What mistakes did Christians make that let this happen? In this presentation, we’ll discuss what lessons we can learn from the failures of the past and discuss how we can begin to faithfully engage a Post-Christian culture.


Pro-Life 101

The question of abortion is complicated in many ways. Morally speaking however, it boils down to just one question: What is the pre-born? In this session, we’ll learn how to answer that question so that both Christians and non-Christians can understand that abortion is an inhumane violation of human rights.


Pro-Life 201

Many abortion advocates argue that the pre-born child may be human but can’t be a person. In this session, we’ll examine what makes human beings valuable and how we can refute arguments that dehumanize the human child in-utero.

The Problem of Evil

Even the best Christian apologists admit this is the best argument for rejecting the faith. How can a good, all-powerful God allow evil in this world? In this session, we’ll examine and define concepts such as evil, God and goodness and explain how the problem of evil is not a problem for Christians but for atheists.

Setting the Record Straight: Homosexuality and the Bible

Homosexuality is the issue that defines what most people think about Christians today. Either we are seen as inclusive or discriminatory. In this presentation, we examine why this issue is so hard for Christians to speak about and how we can winsomely defend biblical sexuality.

Worldview Course Topics

Anyone of the topics presented in the Worldview Course including on evolution, biblical reliability and the church, can be taught as one-session presentation or sermon at your church or event. Please contact us for more details.


Faith Beyond Belief speakers can also participate in debates about abortion, relativism and morality, and the existence of God on your campus or church.