Hear Sean McDowell (Christian Speaker) and Bart Campolo (Humanist Chaplain) discuss the future of the church in a post-Christian culture.

If you’ve left the church or are thinking of leaving, this is the discussion for you. You can attend the event at Foothills Alliance Church or live stream. Please contact us for more info info@faithbeyondbelief.ca

No Registration Required. Free to Attend.


Can’t make it to Calgary? Watch the debate at home! We’ll be live streaming the night at this website: calgarydebate.ca  For $4.99 you can watch the event live. For $9.99 you can watch 3 events—The Why I Left, Why I Stayed debate night, the Pastors Breakfast & Training for Non-profits! The video will be available to view or download after the event for a month.